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GPower Extension
Embed new features to a sexual health service APP,
GPower, to increase app usage among teens
The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power and Potential (GCAPP) was founded in 1995. Generally, it’s mission is to improve overall health and well-being of young people in Georgia to ensure a more powerful future for us all. And specifically, it empowers our young people to make healthy choices, ensuring their ability to achieve their full potential in our communities, unencumbered by teenage pregnancy, bolstered by strong physical health, and supported by healthy relationships.
Our work to add Additional Content for gPower App will help to push GCAPP further towards its mission. Definitely, it will also connect teenagers with information about birth control, reproductive health clinic providers, and health educators to enhance the sexual health of Georgia teens.
Problems to solve
For now, gPower, the application provided by GCAPP, mainly helps the teenagers locate the nearby sexual health service providers and provide relevant information about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases d policies. GCAPP is seeking to increase app usage among teens, both the number of downloads and the its frequency of use once downloaded. As a result, new features and functions (Meme generator and a Q and A system) are good choices to help to attract more teens.
User case
First function we are adding is the meme generator, with which teens can create memes using the pictures provided by GCAPP and share them on social network. It can help to attract and engage more new users.
Next one is the question board, where teens can read the topics provided by GCAPP and replies submitted by other users. It is like a small anonymous forum and it is so simple a way to communicate ideas that it can easily become a sticking point for users.
Wire frames
Rearrange the information structure, make them better organized
Fold and Unfold will make the reading load lighter
One-step Preview, give immediate feedback, easier adjustment
Save and Share function, convenient way to share with others
Popup reply window instead of goint to another page, give the user better sense of the context and make the reply easier
Name and contact information is optional, it encourage users to share ideas