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Airport Directory
Increase the user experience based on universal design
principles both in physical model and user interface
The current directories at Hartsfield-Jackson fail to meet universal design standards because of their lack of audio feedback, poor contrast, safety bar, and abundance of unnecessary information.

The goal of this project is to create a universal design for the interactive directories at Hartsfield-Jackson international airport that would allow patrons to successfully navigate their way through the airport.
Existing Barriers
Equitable Use :Absence of audio operation; Is at a set height;
Simple and Intuitive: Provides too much information;Hard to know how to initiate the process;
Perceptible Information:Has poor contrast;Layout of buttons;No tilt on screen;Arrow animation ;Text size;More identifiable labels;
Tolerance for Error :No immediate feedback;
Size and Space: Location of directory is not reasonal; Misuse of screen space;Has a safety bar below the directory ;
Flexibility In Use :SMS directions is not usable at all;
Low Physical Effort :Slide motion is hard for some users;Hard to use touch screen;
Physical Model-Mural Wall
Mural Wall can be set in all the walls in the airport and it enables multiple users to interact with the screen simultaneously. At the same time, the flight information and ads can be played on the top part of the screen which can not be manipulated by users because of its height.It is a space-efficient and appealing physical model for diectory.
User Interface-Immersive Navigation
To show user the way to the destination, the navigation system provides 2 views: 3rd person perspective view and 2D map view.Both of the view will played animation to show the user the route.The 2D map view give a overview while the 3rd person perspective view give user feeling as if someone iwas leading him through the airport. They work together to provide a better understanding of the best route to the user.
Since the final design cover the 7 universal principles and the criterias we set, the new directory system is thought to be successful. We are now including more users:
Wheelchair-bound users;
Blind users;
Users with poor vision;
Users who were too short to reach the top of the screen;