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Maria is a 20-year-old undergraduate student in University of Tennessee and she lives in Knoxville, Tennessee with her parents. Having taken Chinese courses for 2 years, she is very familiar with Chinese popular culture. Especially, she is interested in Chinese R&B music and also a big fan of a Chinese pop singer, Leehom Wang. To get some fresh news about Leehom, especially his new album, she is used to search him on Internet frequently when she is free.

On a Friday, Maria has just finished her homework at 9 PM and opens the browser in her iPhone. She wants to do some searching on Internet because she has just heard of that Leehom Wang is going to publish his new album recently.

She goes to, inputs ‘王力宏’ in searching box and taps on searching button. Afterwards 2 pieces of news are showed on the result page immediately. First one is about his wife being pregnant, and the second one is about his new album <你的爱>. Leehom is playing violin and looks dedicated in the photograph above the news title. Also Maria notices that the news is published by 凤凰网 only 3 hours ago and it has been read only for 2938 times, which makes her satisfied. So she taps on the title, goes to the news page of 凤凰网 and reads the details of the news about Leehom’s new album.

After she goes through the news, Maria returns to the result page. She is also curious about Leehom’s newest entertainment show so she taps on the ‘综艺’ tag on the top of news area, and then taps on the ‘发布时间’ button under the tags. She smoothly gets 2 pieces of newest news and she reads them one by one by taping on the title and being navigated to news page. Then she comes back and taps on the apostrophe, which is on the right side of the second news. Immediately another 2 news, appear and she reads through both of them.

It is 10:30 when Maria is content with all the news she gets, so she quits the browser and goes for a bath.

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